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I am a poor, wayfaring stranger...
Still sick, taking a break from papers 
22nd-Oct-2006 06:01 pm
I promised myself that if I finished a paper, I could mess around with LJ for awhile. The SCA demo last night at UNH was a bit of a bust, but at least we all had fun. It was Ulrich, Syele, Nick, Kynar, and Bethra for most of the evening. Fortunately, we'd all brought projects to work on. I discovered I'd left my ibuprofen at home, so had to take a codeine instead. The evening gets pretty fuzzy after that. ;)

We came to the conclusion that Codeine would be a good redneck name, if you drawl it right: "Co-DEEN, whar's my beer at?"

Sounding lead Sounding lead

This was the larger of the two. My foot is there for reference.
Base of the larger lead Base of the larger lead

The cavity appears to have been gouged out rather than moulded.
Base of larger one from different angle Base of larger one from different angle

Large lead assembly Large lead assembly

The spool's the leadline
Same as previous Same as previous

smaller lead, with line smaller lead, with line

base of lead - also seems to be gouged out base of lead - also seems to be gouged out

Detail of securing Detail of securing

Note it's knotted and whipped rather than spliced.
Horn lantern Horn lantern

Made with shaved transparent pieces of horn, a turned top, wooden pegged hinges

Note the translucence of the horn Note the translucence of the horn

Turned top Turned top

In order to cast the sounding leads, I need (big surprise) more lead. Does anyone have any spare lead piping or flashing around that they don't want, or know a source I can get it? (Preferably free.) I can guarantee it'll go to a good home. :)

Also, I'm trying to get my hands on a DC 4.5 volt adapter for my CD player, since I've lost the one it came with. Surprisingly, I don't think Radio Shack has any. Help?

I think there was something else important I wanted to say, but damned if I can remember it.
24th-Oct-2006 01:59 pm (UTC) - Entertaining
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